Saturday, 18 July 2015

My summer holidays: the move

It has been an exhausting and glorious year. I’ve been commuting to Woking every week, had two jobs, the new one in Woking and the last bit of the other job in Cumbria, house chores at the weekend, preparing some food before leaving on a Monday, a new house in the south and all the commitments of the new job in an expanding, thriving international school.

It has been challenging, exciting, unexpected, a totally new perspective compared to the ones I was used to both in Italy and in the north of England. At the end of the adventure I felt exhausted but fulfilled. And now we are getting ready for the move in/to Surrey. A beautiful house is waiting for us in a nice quiet village in the countryside.
My husband and I are going to work full time, three of my children will be away at university, Valentina, my autistic daughter, will be with us. I feel that a new phase of my life is starting and I am ready to have it all.
During summer I’m not posting new pieces but I’ll upload my old blog pieces I had posted for four years in Lancashire Life website, now closed. I’ll organize them per topic, e.g. pasta recipes, desserts, holidays 2011, etc. I’ll post some new writing from September, carrying on with opinions, recipes, memories and book reviews.

Have a good summer.

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