Sunday, 20 May 2018

The Royal Wedding

Beautiful and authentic are the two words that encapsulate Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

I tuned in on Twitter from 7 am on Saturday and at 9 am on BBC 1 following all the interviews with people coming from all parts of the UK and abroad. Some of them didn’t even sleep the night before to keep their position along the procession route. The children interviewed speculated on Meghan’s wedding dress hoping in some lace and maybe a long train. Later on representatives of charities advocated their mission and commitment to their cause, the right moment and place for it indeed, as both William and Harry, as well as their mother Diana before them, support less privileged people on many fronts.

I enjoyed admiring all the elegant, quirky and slant hats that catwalked along the path towards St. George’s Chapel. Celebrities and Royal family members promenaded on the cobbled pavement in gorgeous outfits, unusual colours and high heels. I couldn’t help picking my favourites, Victoria Beckham in her midnight dress with a daring cut on the front reminding of Fontana’s canvases and Amal Clooney in mustard yellow with matching dish-shaped hat standing out with her tall slender figure. The Queen was in lime colour so suitable for the sunny glorious day. And the Duchess of Cornwall’s hat was absolutely the best.

As the commentators pointed out, it was a modern kind of wedding, highlighting diversity and at the same time simply stating that two people in love with each other were coming together from very different backgrounds. It was in Prince Harry’s eyes, in Meghan’s smile and in their holding each other’s hand.

Prince Harry looked happy and rightly tense, and Meghan was just herself in a simple minimalist white dress enriched with the lacy extra-long veil and the precious tiara.

The ceremony was deeply emotional in its simplicity, genuine in every detail. I was moved by the appropriate choice of music, especially the gospel song, the readings and the passionate words of Bishop Michael Curry on the power of love. I found there was a good balance between English etiquette and American flavour.

It was a magnificent celebration of love and authenticity, and I felt moved and extremely proud of them. May their days together be happy and long lasting.

Hurray for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

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